Orenda Academy: Startup

The Orenda Startup Method continues to gain popularity across the pool industry. We are often asked the same questions around best practices when performing the startup and how to maintain them with integrity. Furthermore, there is a common perception that our startup method is strictly based on calcium levels and staying in a fixed range. I'll give you a hint, though; it's not about range chemistry. Understanding the LSI is critical to the success of the startup. This program aims to address the common questions and perceptions that you may have too.

Our course provides you the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the Orenda Startup and hopes to answer questions as they relate to your specific challenges and opportunities in our industry. So expand your training and execute the Orenda Startup Method from start to plaster-free finish!


This course includes:

  • The procedures and chemistry to perform the Orenda Startup Method
  • How to adjust the Startup Method based on your individual pool
  • Six expert interviews from industry thought leaders

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