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The goal of Orenda Academy™ is to empower you with the knowledge needed to simplify pool care and improve our industry.

Our mission is to inform people, like you, that there is a proactive approach to pool care. Can we take yesterday’s information and assume that it still applies? Water and chemicals are changing and so should we.

Our philosophy is to prevent problems before they start and to have a pool without harmful, long-term byproducts. We want to create a swimming environment that smells different, feels different, and tastes different.

“More meaningful pool care” isn’t just a catchy marketing slogan, it’s a message that we live by.

This course will touch on the basics of pool maintenance and chemistry, how to use the Orenda app, and provide an introduction to the Orenda Startup Method, providing a holistic view of our approach to water chemistry.

At Orenda, we believe in a proactive approach to pool care. An Orenda pool is managed following these three steps: test your water regularly, use the Orenda app and balance the LSI. And dose your pool precisely. We will be teaching the basics of pool maintenance, including water testing techniques, general water chemistry, and how to perform other maintenance-related tasks. Since adding chemicals to a pool is crucial to sanitation and bather safety, we will also cover how to properly dose and measure before adding them to the water.

With the Orenda program, precision matters. So we designed an app that does the math for you and lets you see your LSI in real-time. The dosing calculator allows you to dose chemicals precisely while targeting the LSI each and every time you treat that pool. Finally, we wrap up the course with a general brushing over the Orenda family of products to help you better understand how to use them and why to use them.

This course includes:

  • General Water Chemistry and How to Perform Other Maintenance Related Tasks
  • The Orenda App and Startup Method Overview
  • Introduction to Orenda Products

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